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These brands achieved double digit growth by working with tag's truthology platform.

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the truth:

The only thing that young men are "in to" more than beautiful women, are themselves.

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the plan:

Truthology™ revealed that young men are immensely ego driven and really appreciate things like quirkiness and instant gratification. We also learned that typical high-value prizes (like cash, cars and trips) feel unattainable to these guys and discourage contest entry. So, we offered young men the chance to win a date with themselves, encouraging guys to look great no matter who they’re with, and that Philips products are the best way to get their best look.

i. My date is here! My date is here!

ii. Finally, a contest for guys that matters.

iii. En français, si vous plait.

iv. Maybe, on campus, we could have been a little more subtle? Nah...

v. Our message really took over!

vi. It was a banner idea.