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These brands achieved double digit growth by working with tag's truthology platform.

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the truth:

When involved in a collision, vehicle owners don’t know they actually have the right to choose where to take their vehicle for repairs, without repercussion.

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the plan:

Insurance companies, tow-truck drivers – everyone seem to have their own interests in mind after you’ve been in an accident. Through the power of video, and an online education centre, we made BMW owners aware of the vultures out there and that, ultimately, they choose where their BMW gets repaired. Hey, if your insurance is covering it, why not restore it to its original factory specs?

i. If you don’t insist on it, they're gonna getcha!

ii. Repair the body. Restore the soul.

iii. Because accidents usually happen on the road.

iv. Ironically, this site is most popular after a crash.