tammy giddings, pre-production manager

tammy giddings

Tammy was the type of kid who always had a crayon in her hand. She coloured inside the lines, outside the lines, and on the walls. Now for the past sixteen years those creative hands have touched nearly every project that’s come through tag’s doors. Need to know about a client? About tag? About why the printer is jammed? Again? Or maybe you’re looking for that image, from that project, you know the one, from 2009 or maybe 2007? Well Tammy’s your girl. She’s got the studio operating like a finely tuned Swiss watch.

Her desk is scattered with pictures of Pee-wee Herman, her furry, four-legged children, and her fully restored Volkswagen Beetle. She’s a paper fanatic, a lover of type treatments, and she can design the most gorgeous wedding details you’ve ever seen. So it’ll probably shock you to know that she also races stock cars with all the bros. And wins.