mike genchi, associate cd

mike genchi

If you asked Mike to describe himself he would say, “Unbelievably good looking, incredibly smart, and the funniest man north of Steeles.”

So we didn’t let him write his own biography.

Mike is a tag classic. Working in the creative department for over ten years, he’s not only helped define our creative voice, but our agency culture. We consider him our rock, our court jester, and on a professional basis, our Associate Creative Director.

He got into advertising because he liked to doodle and drink beer. But he’s fallen head over heels for the creative life. His passion and commitment is undeniable, and he lives for brainstorming sessions and seeing his work out in the real world. Now, beer is just bonus.

With brands like Honda, Kraft, Philips, and First Choice Haircutters under his belt, he also brings an outgoing and inclusive nature to his work, with an uncanny ability to charm you into agreeing that his ideas are, without a doubt, the best ideas. If you don’t fall for his sell, he’s sure to delight you with pictures of his one true love—Ziggy Stardust the cat.

And sure, I guess you could consider him somewhat handsome in a certain, dark, shadowy light?