Deanna Jamieson, VP, Marketing & Business Development

Deanna Jamieson

With over 15 years in the industry, Deanna has successfully planned, developed and managed complex brand and marketing projects for companies of all sizes, from growing start-ups to multinationals. Her experience spans across diverse categories including finance, health, government, packaged goods and energy.

At tag, Deanna manages agency marketing and new business development. Her knowledge, positive attitude and drive to leave no stone unturned allow her to build solid relationships and instill trust in potential partners. And, her combined left-and-right-brain thinking allows her to architect imaginative solutions that are rooted in strategic thought and focus on delivering actionable results. Deanna’s deep understanding of the industry trifecta – branding, advertising, and marketing - make her a triple threat to be reckoned with.

As a part-time Professor at U of T’s School of Continuing Studies, Deanna enthusiastically shares her passion and experiences to encourage success for the industry leaders of tomorrow.